Expanded Demos

With X WordPress Theme, you can create any imaginable layout with the help of the Theme Stacks . Theme Stacks provide you numerous original designs to pick from, and at the moment, there are four Stacks available with more to be added in the future.

New layout element

Using our layout element just got easier and more enjoyable with the new, improved, and more practical Row Element.

Power building

The lovely new layout tab allows you to see all of your content in one simple view.

Complex. Easier.

Flexbox is not easy to grasp? With graphical illustrations of how to use Flex, you can now use Flexbox without difficulty.

Element API

The new API lets you map in any Element you wish to add; this means you have unlimited choice in addition to new Elements we have added.

Are you getting excited? We're just getting started...

Personalize Your Workspace

How do you want your workspace? Small or large? Unlocked or locked? Horizontal or vertical? You can now decide for yourself.


Did you mistakenly delete a thing? With our new action history, you can easily undo the action as if you never made it.

Inline Editing

The lovely new layout tab allows you to see all of your content in one simple view. Even better, smart controls give you curated options based on the Element.

Dynamic Content

Adding dynamic content to your page has never been easier. You can now add data from ACF, Toolset, and WooCommerce to your page straightaway.

Template Manager

Have you ever wanted to give people access to only certain parts of your content? The role manager lets you set permission for who can access what, and they can edit.

Role manager

Want a client to edit text only? Need a team member to only have access to certain Elements? Set permissions for who has access to what with this wonderful new tool!

Dark mode

Is the default mode too bright? You can turn on the Dark mode; the new interface is easy on the eyes.

Better settings

The Settings options have been updated so you can modify all the essential building tools – fonts, colors, preference, etc. – at once.

V2 Elements

V2 Elements contains improved options for modifying your experience according to your tastes.

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