How To Work For Pornhub?

Do you have a deep appreciation for bukkake? Could you give a presentation about gangbangs that consists of twelve slides using Powerpoint? Do you have any idea how to get synergy out of the sin? You’re in luck since Pornhub is now recruiting.

On Friday, Pornhub revealed a variety of fascinating openings on its jobs website, and we here at Inverse have done our best to investigate the range of opportunities. The landing page of postings is appropriate for use in the workplace since it does not include any advertisements stating that local mothers are looking for sex. Despite this, you should generally avoid sending out applications for other employment while you are already on the clock.

How To Work For Pornhub?

But if you’re in the market for a new career, you should spruce up your resume, then visit the employment site on Pornhub to have a look at any appealing possibilities.q

Social Media Coordinator

When it comes to opportunities in social media, the job of social media coordinator at Pornhub is among the most desirable. You will have access to the enormous social media platform that the brand maintains, you will be asked to provide material that is appropriate for work, and you will be surrounded by a group of people who will enthusiastically like your selfies.

You should absolutely apply for this job if you are fine with the idea of acting “as the ‘face’ of the brand” when the brand in question is actually pornography. You will literally get a great deal of attention if you are hired for this role. Apply right here.

Vice President and Senior Product Manager

To put in my application for a job, I headed to Pornhub!

This profession could be right for you if you can say more than just “I love to watch porn” when asked about your interest in the adult entertainment industry. As the product manager, it will be your responsibility to steer the business in the desired direction by doing tasks such as “actively managing content strategy” and “creating short-, medium-, and long-term features to meet the vision.”

Additionally, you are required to answer to the comments you get on the feedback forum provided by Pornhub. Although this may seem to be a challenge, it is good to be able to crowdsource some ideas. Apply right here.

Marketing Designer

If you’ve ever glanced at the Pornhub logo superimposed over three or four ladies having group sex and thought to yourself, “Huh, they could have centered that a bit better,” then you should apply for this position, you weirdo.

Pornhub is seeking to hire a marketing designer with the ability to “generate visual components utilizing conventional techniques, multimedia, image processing, and design software” with a “strong aesthetic approach.” And my, do they ever intend to be graphic? Apply right here.


Imagine how much more fun it would be if you were paid to video yourself having sexual encounters if you currently find it enjoyable to do so. The model program on Pornhub allows verified users to earn a percentage of the advertising income generated from each of the videos they submit. When you reach a certain level of popularity, it might start to pile up.

Being a model for Pornhub does not come with perks such as a $500 yearly gym allowance like some of the other occupations on this list do, but it does come with the awareness that people are staring at you as they are taking themselves off. Apply for this position if you think it sounds appealing to you.

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